Image Supply

The images on these pages are able to be supplied in a variety of formats through enquires to Bob Merlin as detailed on the Contact page.


JPEGs, TIFFs etc  –  All images are available as high resolution files. While the pricing for individual images is negotiable depending on use, a guide for unlimited use would be in the vicinity of $75 per file.


Prints  –  Images are available as high quality prints according to your specifications. The cost is dependent on the size of the print and the quality of stock use. Suitable framing can also be arranged. Often it is best to purchase a print and have it framed according to your hanging requirements.


Other formats  –  Occasionally booklets or calendars featuring these images will be produced and publicised within these pages.


Mildura Marina Time Series

A few years ago a project was approved to build a marina and associated commercial and residential development adjacent to the bridge across the Murray River at Mildura. I decided to record the "development" of the floodplain by taking an occasional panorama image from the bridge abutment. I have had to change the photopoint recently because the trees have grown as the two images below demonstrate.


The first image shows the floodplain with the intact wetland and the brickworks in the background. The second image has the marina constructed with some residential development underway. At a later date I intend to produce the series of panoramas to show how this project unfolded.

Twenty Vines

The traditional style of training sultana vines creates characterful crowns and I started to take "portraits" of some of them. I then decided to take images of 20 vines in a row and this then progressed into another time series of the same 20 vines during the season – from pruning through to producing grapes and then to the colour of autumn.


The three images below show one of the vines during the changes of the annual cycle. I intend to print and display all the images in a matrix that represents the rows of vines and also shows the seasonality of production.