The image of my business card has the essential contact details listed – the mobile number is an Australian number. I have presented in this way so that automated searches cannot include my details in their spam databases.


My postal address is:


Bob Merlin

P.O. Box 829


Victoria 3498


I use Canon equipment and usually have the full frame 5D Mark II as my main body. My favourite walk-around lens is a 24-70mm zoom and the prime lens of the moment is 100mm IS macro which has outstanding imaging qualities.


A lot of the imagery presented in this site is created from being in the right place at the right time. This is no accident as I spend a lost of time exploring for new locations and also take an interest in the weather. Photography is painting with light but also in a flat landscape such as the Mallee region it is difficult to get dramatic effect without using atmospheric artefacts such as sunsets and clouds to give some height to the images.


The post-production work is carried out mainly using Adobe software – Lightroom for the major image adjustments and archiving, Photoshop for final adjustment and sharpening and sundry third-party plug-ins for effects.

Here I am with my mother with a backdrop which is not typical of the Mallee. And I do not always sport the Serbian warlord hairstyle.